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1995:  INSTRUCTOR,Graduate course in Environmental Microbiology, Department of
Agriculture, College of Agriculture and Human Sciences, Prairie View A&M University.
Designed and teach Environmental Microbiology course.

1975-1982:  PROFESSOR,Undergraduate courses in Food Microbiology, General
Microbiology, and Mycology. Universidad del Valle, Colombia.

1994:  LECTURER, Mycotoxin and Bioremediation, First International Latin American
Symposium on Environmental Health, Argentina.

1994:  LECTURER, Mycotoxin, Biomedical Research Center, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

1994:  LECTURER, Mycotoxin, University of Parana, Argentina.

1993-1994:  LECTURER AND CONSULTANT, Fungal Toxin, University of Sao Paulo,
Brazil, University of Buenos Aires, University of Parana, University of Rasario, Argentina.

1996:  GUEST LECTURER, International Course in Food Spoilage and Contamination for
university and industry professionals, Panama, Panama.

1993:  VISITING SCIENTIST AND GUEST LECTURER, “Control of Toxigenic Fungi
and Aflatoxin in Corn and Peanuts by Antimicrobial Chitosanase”, The Volcani Research
Center, Isreal.

1987:  LECTURER AND GUEST SPEAKER, Alabama A&M University.

1987:  LECTURER, Applied Microbiology Division, Bioscience and Biotechnology
Department, Strathclyde University.

1986:  LECTURER, Microbiolo gy and Mycotoxin, Xian University, Xian, China.

1993:  GUEST SPEAKER, Biocontrol of Mycotoxins, Volcani Institute, ARO, BET Dagan,

1998:  GUEST SPEAKER, South Africa, Fungi and Mycotoxin and Health, Mineral Ions and
Fungal Metabolites, Bioremediation. Series of lecturers to 7 South African Universities
during the Year of Science and Technology Events, October.

1996:  MAGISTERIAL GUEST SPEAKER, Marine Biotechnology: Chitin Biotechnology,
X Colombian National Symposium of Marine Science and Technology, Bogota,

1996:  COORDINATOR AND PRINCIPAL LECTURER, International Course on Food
Contamination, Panama, Republic of Panama.

1996:  GUEST SPEAKER, Seafood Waste Biotechnology, Colombian Oceanography

1984-1986:   LECTURER AND SUPERVISOR, Undergraduate and Graduate students in
Fungal Toxins, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, Great Britain.

1975-1982:  PROFESSOR, University Valle, Columbia. Lecturing in Microbiology, Mycology,
and Food Microbiology to science students and engaged in research on mycology, food
microbiology and fungal toxins. Developed and taught the course in food microbiology,
mycology, and designed and produced the laboratory manual for a mycology course.

1975-1982:   LECTURER, Mycology and Microbiology, Universidad del Valle, Cali,
Colombia, South America.

1996:  INTERIM CHAIRMAN, Botany Section, Biology Department, Science Division,
University of Valle, Cali, Colombia.

2003:  VISITING LECTURER, Mycotoxin. Ege University. Turkey