Dr. Raul Cuero
Research Scientific of the International Park Of Creativity. 


1. Create young inventors/creative, under the mentorship of inventors.

2. Create and/or invent new technologies and products for world-wide markets.

3. Implement research and development for industry, and/or others institutions toward new technologies and products for world-wide competitive market.

4. Center of "Think Tank" for economic, social, scientific/technological development.


Our mission is to develop and enrich creativity in teenagers to the service of the scientist and technologic production, through an inductive research process in the areas of sciences, arts and humanities.


Our vision is to develop inventions, products and innovative concepts of global impact, through applied sciencies and technology, generating social . economic Growth and development, promoting the insertion to global markets.

Dr, Raul Cuero (PhD / scientist / inventor, USA) proposes as an economic development strategy for developing countries from the international Park Of Creativity; to focus on marking science and techology where our products are globally competitive and transacted in hard currency- These processes are already successfully underway in Africa, Colombia, United State, Israel and Mexico. To achieve this purpose, we have outlined are two main objetives:

1. To promote a culture of creativity to productivity, thus creating a critical mass, based on the young resourses of our countries, these young scientist who will be trained to create and/ or developed product of global competition.

2. To have the industry to channel efforts in two ways: first by funding the process and second, by enjoying first hand results.


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