An interview about Dr. Cuero's research in synthetic biology & the grant he received from the National Scence Foundation. Until 2011

Cuero R, et al. 2009. Metabolic Parts Network, as Sendor for Metals. Advances in Synthetic Biology. University of London. April 28 - April 29, 2009. London

The Wall Street Journal article on Biologists Are Looking To the Chip Industry For Production Models. The Wall Street Journal. Portals. 9 August 2006

Plasmic (pUC57-Sulfur-3Metallic) Gene probe for Sensing Different Metals, Cuero et al. 2007, Journal of International Engineering Technology (IET) (In review).

Microbial Biosensor using BBa_J3901 device for iron detection under UV irradiation, Cuero et al. 2007, Journal of International Engineering Technology (IET) Volume 1 (1-2) 2007 ISSN 1752-B94.



Dr. Cuero is leading 4 different teams around the world for Synthetic Biology for 2006 IGEM competition at MIT, USA (see links).


SynBERC _________________________________ %%%%%%%% www.synberc.org


Principal Investigators

Harvard University (Cambridge,MA)
George Church, Genetics


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge , MA)
Drew Endy, Biological Engineering
Tom Knight, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Kenneth Oye, Political Science
Kristala Jones Prather, Chemical Engineering
Randy Rettberg, Biological Engineering


Raul Cuero, Microbial Biotechnology
Michael Gyamerah, Chemical Engineering


Adam Arkin, Bioengineering
Carlos Bustamante, Physics/Molecular & Cell Biology/Chemistry
Jay Keasling (Director), Chemical Engineering/Bioengineering
Susan Marqusee, Molecular & Cell Biology
Paul Rabinow, Anthropology


Wendell Lim (Deputy Director), Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology/ Biochemistry & Biophysics
Tanja Kortemme, Biopharmaceutical Sciences
Chris Voigt, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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