Autobiography Book



Inventions and Patents

2007:  Composition (Martian Simulant Soil) and Methods for Removal of Toxic Netaks andRadionuclides, by R. Cuero (Prairie View A&M University and D. McKay (NASA-JSC-Houston, USA). U.S. Patent #7309437

2007:  "A Bioglass with Effective Antibacterial Properties: Elimination of Resistant PathogenicStaphylococcus Aureus and Other Pathogenic Bacteria." In process for patenting, licensing, and registration

2007:  "A Bioactive Glass for Effective Control of Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi". In process for patenting, licensing and registration.

2005:   Invention. A Biological Active Glass with Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties.

2004:   Effective Removal of Radio-nuclear and Heavy Metal Pollutants, using a Martian Simulant Material. Patent in Process by NASA. U.S. Provisional Patent #60-534805.

2004:   Enhancement of Purification of Crude Oil: Reduction of Sulfur Contamination.

2003:   Antimicrobial Compound.

1998:   Effective Fungal Biocontrol in Plant and Food. U.S. Patent #5,830,459.

1996:   Semi Scale Pilot System to Study Bioremediation of Chemicals and Oil.

1996:   Recovery and Flocculation of Toxic Metals: Chromium, Lead, Zinc and Copper.

1995:   Learning Science by Doing It: A Holistic Method Utilizing Computer Communications Networks. Copyright, International Program for Scientific Training. Copyright.

1995:   Enhancement of B-Carotene and Vitamin A and Essential Nutrients in Plants. Invention in filing process for patent application.