Honorable Guest - International Conference on Integrative Biology, Las Vegas August 2013.
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  Dr. Raul Cuero Chosen as National Hispanic Scientist of 2013 by MOSI’s (Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry)
  Key Note speaker for the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS/OEA), May 29, 2008, Medellin, Colombia. More info
  AWARDED as an inventor by The Texas A&M University Systems. Dr. Cuero was selected with other 14 professors/Scientists among more than 3000 faculty/scientists in the university system, on April, 2008. This is one of highest honor presented by any university. Texas A&M University Invention Patented Award recognition & photos.
  Video by the cultural channel in USA, PBS-Houston, in his TV program Living Smart, 2006, which selected Dr. Cuero as being a role model of Living Smart due to his life accomplishments and scientific creativity.
  Dr. Cuero's scientific educational presentation on science and technology and education at the IV International Congress of EDUCARED Spain Conference in Madrid, Spain, 2007. 
  Key Note Speaker on Education, Science and Creativity. IV International Congress of EDUCARED
  2007 National Award to the Best Colombian Journalist on an Interview to Dr. Raul Cuero.
  Awarded for NASA Brief Technology December 2007: "Effective Removal of Radionuclides Contamination As Uranium and Toxic Metalas, Using Martian Simulant Soil (Volcanic Ash). 
U.S. Patent #7309437. This work will also be published on the NASA Tech publication.
  "Who is Who in Science and Engineering in America" (2007)
  Doctor Cuero has been inducted to the prestigious book "Who is Who in Science and Technology in America" for his scientific contribution and inventions, September, 2006.
  Chosen by the prestigious book: "WHO IS WHO IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN AMERICA. 2006  
  Chosen by PBS TV in Houston for the program "Living Smart", as an example of creativity, for his scientific inventions. 2006
  Chosen by Telemundo Hispanic TV in USA as an example of the Hispanic community in USA, for his scientific contributions. 2006
  Recipient of the high Honor of the State of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Medal and Cross of the Great Gentleman, thus bringing higher world scientific and intellectual prestige to the state of Valle del Cauca and to Colombia. State of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. 2004 
  Dr. R. Cuero life and his book "Between Triumph and Survival", has been featured (November 6, 3:30 PM and November 10, 1:30 PM, 2005) on the US PBS-Houston (Channel 8) television series "Living Smart, as a role model, based on his scientific creativity (8 inventions) and intellectual achievements. Please see the attachment.
  Holder of Invention Patent (U.S. Patent # 5, 830, 459). Effective Fungal Biocontrol , 1998.
Distinguished Professor. Prairie View A&M University
  NASA Technology Award. 2003. Tech Brief Monetary Award. Nominated by the Invention and Contribution Board of NASA-JSC-Houston, to be in the list of selected Inventors and/or Contributors, for the Invention on “Removal of Radionuclides Such as Uranium, Using Martian Simulated Soil”. This material is similar to the Martian Soil.
  Recognition Award for Significant Contribution to Science and for Exemplary Role Model to the Colombian Community, 1998.
  Outstanding Mentor for NASA-Sharp-Plus Research Program for High School students. Prairie View A&M University, Summer 1995.
  Diners Club Distinction as one of Colombian Outstanding Scientist Oversea, 1994.
  Award Recognition, Leader in Science and Significant Contributions to Higher Education, Prairie View A&M University, 1993.
  Award Recognition for Significant Contribution to Research, Cooperative Agricultural Research Center, Prairie View A&M University, 1992.
  Liaison. International Agricultural Exchange Program. Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Iowa State University, 1990.
  Award. Distinguished Research Scientist. Cooperative Agricultural Research Center, Prairie View A&M University, 1989.
  Best Student, UNESCO International Course on Biodeterioration, CMI, Surrey, England, 1983.
  Award. Overseas Research Student (ORSA) from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, (1982 - 1986), Academic.
  University of Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom, (1980-1986), Academic Scholarship to Study PHD Degree.
  Ohio State University, (1971-1974), Academic Scholarship.
Heidelberg College, Ohio (1970-1971), Academic Scholarship, Dean List.
  Dean’s List, Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio, 1971.
  Nominated for the U.S. Advisory Committee of Organic Food, by the Texas Department of Agriculture. 2002
  Nominated for the EPA Advisory Policy Committee. 2003
  Most Valuable Play (MVP), Colombian National Basketball Team, National and International Competitions (North, Central and South America), 1965-1970.


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