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Professional Experiences

1988 to Present:  RESEARCH MICROBIOLOGIST, Cooperative Agricultural Research
Center, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas 77446. Microbial
Biotechnology, Bio-nanotechnology, Microbial Control, Food Safety Microbiology, and
Environmental Microbiology Research focus: Microbial Processes, Molecular Biology,
and Bioremediation. Conducting research on microbiology, mycology, mycotoxins
production, fermentation and production of secondary metabolites, control of chemical
contaminants, and extraterrestrial biogenesis using bionanotechnology.

Management of research laboratory, supervision of technical personnel, management and
maintenance of laboratory equipment, procurement of equipment and supplies.

Consultant/Scientist, International Diversified Technology Company (IDT), Houston,

San Andres, Colombia, South America: Develop research and academic program for the

1993-1995:  CO-INVESTIGATOR and SUPERVISOR, International project on Fungal
Toxins, University of Costa Rica, Iowa State University and Prairie View A&M
University (UDLP).

1996:  CO-INVESTIGATOR and SUPERVISOR, International project on Agricultural and
Environmental Biotechnology, University of Rasario, Argentina.

1992:  FERMENTATION PROJECT, Fermentation Center, Strathclyde University,
Biotechnology and Bioscience Department, Applied Microbiology, Glasgow, UK.
Engaged in bacterial fermentation project of bacterial enzymes.

1983:  FUNGAL FERMENTATION, Strathclyde University, Applied Microbiology,
Glasgow, UK. Fermentation Technology.

1986:  POST-DOCTORAL FELLOW, University of Strathclyde, Bioscience and
Biotechnology Department, Applied Microbiology Division, Glasgow, Great Britain.
Engaged in research on “Effect of gamma irradiation on mycotoxin production on cereal
grains and on natural microbial flora of cereal seed in order to product gnotobiotic

1986-1987:  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, USDA-ARS Southern Regional Research Center,
New Orleans, Louisiana. Engaged in research on food safety, biocontrol of toxigenic
fungi and concomitant mycotoxins in food and feed crops.

1982:  VISITING SCIENTIST, USDA-ARS Southern Regional Research Center, New
Orleans, Louisiana. Engaged in research with an international cooperative on endosperm
type of corn resistant to aflatoxigenic fungi (publication).

1980:  INTERN, Botany Section, University of Valle, Cali, Colombia.

1980:  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, USDA - US Grain Marketing Research Lab - North
Central Region, Manhattan, Kansas. Investigated a) toxigenic fungi in stored food using
grain as a main substrate of commodity and established control methods; b) fungus
contamination in grain before and after harvest, particularly as they relate to toxin
production; and c) factors that contribute to mycotoxin contamination.

1971-1974:  RESEARCH LABORATORY ASSISTANT, Ohio State University and
Agriculture Research Development Center, Columbus and Wooster, Ohio. Research
Focus: Fungi Disease Evaluation.

1971:  COORDINATOR, Ohio Migrant Workers program in Northern Ohio, US Government
Nutrition and Health Program for Migrant Workers. Purpose: To improve quality of life
of migrant workers through a nutritional and health program. Provided instruction in
English and Spanish.

1970-1971:  BIOLOGY LABORATORY ASSISTANT, Heidelberg College, Biology
Department, Tiffin, Ohio.

1965-1969:  RESEARCH PROJECT COORDINATOR, Biology Department, Division of
Science, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, South America. Project on Plant
Parasitism: Study of “Matapalo” (Colombian plant) or mistletoe parasitism in ligneous

1996:  (Nov-Dec) COORDINATOR AND MAIN LECTURER, International Course on
Food Spoilage and Contamination. I prepared the course, and was the main lecturer. The
course was attended by professional and technologists from industry, universities and
government. Panama, Republic of Panama.

1998:  CONSULTANT, South Africa, Lecturing and organizing workshops on science and
technology for seven South African universities. U.S. and South African Governments.

1998:  CONSULTANT, U.S. Grain (USDA). Lecturing on Fungi and mycotoxins in grain and
food. Colombia, South America.

1998:  PROJECT EVALUATOR/REVIEWER on Science, Small Business/USDA.

SCIENCE LECTURER in USA, Europe, UK, Israel, China, Africa, Latin America, Turkey.