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Special Courses

Grimsby College of Technology Certificate: Food and Fish Microbiology
Grimsby, England

Torry Research Lab Certificate: Microbiology
Aberdean, Scotland, UK

Commonwealth Mycological Institute Certificate: UNESCO International
Course on Biodeterioration
(CMI), Kew Lane-Surrey, England

Strathclyde University Fungal Biotechnology
Glasgow, UK

Strathclyde University Bioscience & Biotechnology
Applied Microbiology
Glasgow, UK

Strathclyde University Bacterial Fermentation
Fermentation Center/Applied Microbiology
Glasgow, UK

Universidad Catolica del Valparaiso Certificate: International Course on
Marine Microbiology
Valparaiso Chile, South America

USDA Workshop on the fungus Sclerotinia
Beltsville, Maryland

Ohio State University Course and Workshop on Food Sanitation
Columbus, Ohio

US Food and Drug Administration Training on Analysis of
Regulatory Food Samples and Mycotoxins
Baltimore, Maryland