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Consultancy Services

Dr. Cuero offers the following consultancy services:

Microbial Biotechnology, Food & Nutritional Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Research & Development: Project, Educational.

Consulting Experiences

Microbial Biotechnology

1976, 1978, 1980:  CONSULTANT, Food Industry on Microbial Contamination, Cali,

1997:  CONSULTANT, Organize a Technological University, San Andres, Colombia, South

1998:  U.S.D.A. (GRAINS COUNCIL) CONSULTANT, Mycotoxin Expert, International
U.S. Grains (Latin America) Council Seminar, Bogota, Colombia, December.

2001:  CONSULTANT, Antimicrobial for Agricultural and Food Products, Canada.

2002:  CONSULTANT, Established a Microbiology Laboratory, Canada.

2004:  CONSULTANT, Coating Industry.

Food & Nutritional Biotechnology

1974:  CONSULTANT, U.S. Senate Nutrition Committee, Washington, D.C., IV Western
Hemisphere Conference on Nutrition, Miami, FL.

1976:  CONSULTANT, “Aflatoxin Analysis and Estimation in Food Samples”, Tropical
Product Institute (TPI), London, England.

1983:  CONSULTANT, First Latin American Consulate – Consulta de Expertos on Pelagic
Fish (Microbial spoilage, processing and marketing), FAO, Fishery Division/Industrial
Fishing Division. Presented results of two years of investigation in Colombia on keeping
quality of the two most common species in the Pacific of Colombia and Ecuador.
Provided guidelines to improve quality of fish in the market. FAO grant.

1988:  CONSULTANT, Biotechnology Program, Fundacion Para el Desarrollo Integral del
Valle del Cauca (FDI), Camara de Comercio, Cali, Colombia, South America.
Implemented a biotechnology program applied to the development of food and
agriculture in Colombia.

1993-1995:  CONSULTANT, “Use of Chitin in Food and Agriculture, Chitin industry.

1994:  PRESENTER/GUEST SPEAKER, Food and Nutrition Service, Washington, D.C.

1996:  CONSULTANT, “Use of Chitin in Food and Agriculture, DCV, Chitin Technology.

2002:  CONSULTANT, On Mineral Ions for Animal Feed. USA.

Environmental Biotechnology

1998:  NATIONAL PANEL REVIEWER, for Environmental Biology Research Projects.

Research & Development: Project

1996:  CONSULTANT, Technological Patents, BIOTEC, Cali, Colombia.

2002:  CONSULTANT, Established a Microbiology Laboratory, Canada.


1990:  CONSULTANT, International Development Bank (IDB), Colombian National
University Education and Research Program.

1993:  CONSULTANT, “Teaching Science and Technology for Students in At-Risk
Situations”, Texas Education Agency, Austin.

1995:  CONSULTANT, Texas International Education Consortium.

1996:  CONSULTANT, Biotechnology Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

1997:  CONSULTANT, “Teaching Science by Doing It”. Training middle and high school
teachers how to teach science. Texas Education Dept. Agency, Houston, Texas, May-

1997:  CONSULTANT, Develop academic graduate and undergraduate program in Science
and Food for the University of New Leon, Mexico. Texans International Educational
Consortium, May-June.

1998:  CONSULTANT, U.S. and South African Department of Art Culture Science and
Technology, Lecture in 7 South African Universities, Year of Science and Technology,