Synthetic Biology for applications in biogenesis; health and environment. National Science Foundation Grant (NSF). In collaboration with Berkeley, MIT and Harvard University.
  Extraterrestrial Biogenesis using Simulant Martian and Lunar Soil. NASA Grant.
  Oil Biodegradation by Microbial Consortium, Environmental Protection Agency.
  Oil Spill Bioremediation, General Land Office of Texas.
  Bioremediation of Toxic Chemicals and Radionuclear Material. NATO.
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  Effects of Minerals in Fungal Toxin Production and their Relationship to the Characteristics of the Toxigenic Fungus. Texas Agricultural Experiment Station.
  Cross-Contamination by Enterobactereaceae in Meat Handled in Kitchens, Colombian National Nutritional Program. Contributed Consulting Expertise.
  Industion of Phytoalexins by Chitosanase Enzyme as a Mechanism to Control Toxigenic Fungi in Food Crops. Collaborated with R.D. Waniska. National Peanut Foundation.
  Induction of Phytoalexins as a Mechanism to Inhibit Toxigenic Fungi, Texas Peanut Producer Board.
  Enhancement of the Storage Protein Content of Corn, Sweet Potato, and Rice through Biotechnology, Collaborated with G. Osuji, USDA Capacity Building Grant.
  Biocontrol of Toxigenic Fungi in Seeds, Gustafson Company.
  Fish (Palagic) Preservation, FAO Fishery Department. Contributed consulting expertise.
  The Application of Biotechnology to Enhance the Heavy Metal Ion Sequestration Capabilities of Food Crops and the Soil Microflora. Collaboration with G. Osuji, USDA Capacity Building Grant.
  Learning Science thriugh Agricultural Biotechnology. DUPONT.
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