1995: CHAIRMAN, Promotion and Evaluation Planning Committee for Research Scientist, Cooperative Agricultural Research Center, College of Agriculture and Human Sciences, PVAMU.
  1995: RESEARCH MENTOR, NASA-Sharp-Plus Apprenticeship Research Program, PVAMU. Served as mentor for high school students engaging in innovative scientific research utilizing the four basic sciences.
  1997: SCIENCE-TEACHING PROJECT EVALUATOR, Texas Department of Education Agency. Einsehower Project. Evaluate a science teaching project for middle and high school teachers in Houston, Texas. May - June, 1997.
  1997-1998: SCIENTIFIC EVALUATOR, National Projects on Environmental Biology, EPA.
  1995-1996: SCIENTIFIC PROJECT EVALUATOR, National Science Foundation and United States Department of Agriculture.
  1994: SUPERVISOR, Master of Science student thesis on “Chemical and Microbiological Quality of Fresh Water Prawn”, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, Great Britain.
  1994: PROJECT EVALUATOR, Texas International Education Consortium.
  1992-1994: SUPERVISOR, Master of Science student thesis on “Aflatoxin in Peanuts”, Texas A&M University.
  GUEST SPEAKER, “Fungal Spore Hazards from Agricultural Sources” and “Food Cross-Contamination”, City of Houston, Public Health Department.
  1991-1993: SUPERVISOR, Doctoral Dissertation on “Induction of Phytoalexins, Texas A&M University.
  1988: PRESENTER, Latin American Congress on Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture, Cali, Colombia.
  1988: PRESENTER, Andean Countries Seminar on Food Technology, Bogota.
  1988: PANELIST, Biotechnology Seminar, InterAmerican Bank Development Seminar, Latin American Countries, Manizales, Colombia.
  1987: PRESENTER, “Mycotoxins in Food for Human Consumption”, International and Latin American Seminar on “Quality Control of Food”, Bogota, Colombia.
  1983-1986: SUPERVISOR, Graduate and Undergraduate student research, University of Strathcylde, Bioscience and Biotechnology, Department of Microbiology Division, Glasgow, Great Britain.
  1982: GUEST SPEAKER, National Television Program, Colombian Educational Program on Food, SENA, Cali, Colombia.



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